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American Screen Enclosures, LLC is a supplier and installer of high quality screen enclosures. While we install from start to finish in the Michigan, Ohio and Indiana tri-state area, we can service the entire nation with the parts needed to complete just about any screen enclosure, florida room, jacuzzi enclosure, porch enclosure, deck enclosure, hot tub enclosure, porch screen, pool enclosure, deck screen, screen wall, privacy screen and custom screens. Most screen enclosures are custom and must be built by a knowledgable contractor or a highly skilled do-it yourself home owner.
Screen Enclosure, Florida Room, Jacuzzi Enclosure, Porch Enclosure, Deck Enclosure, Hot Tub Enclosure, Porch Screen, Pool Enclosure, Pool Screen, Deck Screen, Screen Wall, Privacy Screen, Screen Cage or Custom Screen







Screen enclosures require only a small variety of parts. In fact, many screen enclosures will only use less than 10 different parts. The main structure will use 3 extrusions, a 1x2, a 2x2 and 4x2. The rest of the parts consist of the screen and spline, and assortment of painted and unpainted screws and a door. And every once in awhile you may need a plate or gutter extrusion when fastening to a facia. You may or may not need touch up paint, but it never hurts to order 1 or 2 small bottles.

The high grade alumunum extrusions come in 4 different sizes, the 1 x 2, 2 x 2, and 2 x 4 and are available in 6 different color. We keep the white and brown in stock, but paint the other colors as needed. This keeps our cost lower and therefore makes the screen extrusion for affordable for you.

Our screws come prepainted in 2 of the sizes and the third size does not need to be painted.

The screen we supply is the best available on the market and is called Super-Screen and we have our spline custom made to match or extrusion.

The last part is the door and that we are currently use solid welded screen made in the USA by George W.Trapp Company.

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